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MapInSite offers access to in-depth data through standard reports and customizable 
mapping such as:
Experian Cape Demograpic Data, Retail Market Potential, AGS, STI,
Mosaic Segmentation Data, Business Location Data, Traffic Counts  and more...
Who uses MapInSite? Geographies Interactive Mapping Custom Reports

Designed for Analysts, marketers  and real estate pros to gain insight into their location-specific market research activities in advertising, retail, restaurant, real estate and financial activities.

Analyze geographies  based on custom radii, custom polygons, drive times, standard geographies and more.

Pan, zoom, draw and edit various features within the mapping window. Create thematic maps in a few easy clicks. Interactively change colour ranges to personalize your map.

Create your reports that contain only the variables you need, or use over 40 standard reports. Rank selected geographies based on a user specified value.